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We are pleased to formally introduce Titacom Technologies Limited, as one of the leading companies in terms of Information and Communciations Technology (ICT) service provider to vendors, in Nigeria and other Africa countries. Titacom is a consultancy company that in partnership with it's clients identifies and implements sustainable business improvements through imformation technolgy.




To do the right things based on business's priorities evaluate, formulate, implement and to found clear IT strategies and action plans.


Assures correct decisions are taken on right levels and in proper forums based on practical experience and established models. Titacom helps businesses to introduce governing models for an effective and qualitative management and control of IT.


What is measured becomes done” Titacom helps to assess the true costs for the IT investments and to achieve the business value out of the IT investments. Titacom introduces continuous measurement and follow-up of benefits and costs, alike measurement of other qualitative key figures and risks.



Our Mission

We identify effective use of Information and Communications Technology make a significant difference to the success of an organization. Titacom is specializes in the provision of consultancy services and Innovative IT solutions that help our customers achieve their business goals and maximize their return. Our consultants are currently engaged in supporting companies in all sectors, and have proven track record in diverse consultancy. We engage in Systems integration/deployment and Customized solution Implementation with offices in Nigeria.

Our Vision

Aim to delight our customers with valuable and innovative products and services, we would go an extra yard in providing competitive networking solutions

Our Core Values

Team spirit, passion and results oriented, which characterize everything we do. Our approach is driven by a strong focus on results and responsibility for the customer obtaining the expected effect fast. Titacom has local and international partner that we work with in both simple and complex undertakings.

Our Commitment To Go Beyond Our Customer's Expectation and Satisfaction

We highly pride ourselves on the levels of service, commitment and the ability to deliver the right solution for the right situation. Frank communication with our customers and a profound expertise of our staff members are the guarantee for our success. Titacom supports your company in mapping and optimizing your IT network structure, which enables you to be a step ahead of your competitors. We analyze the state of your network and identify potential for optimization




Technology without Limit. Everything is Possible?

With a team of expert professionals in specific field and wide knowledge coupled with international experience we put together our expertise and enable us to offer,

  • quick services.
  • competitive price.
  • immediate decisions.

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